The 1930s Racer-Bulldog viewed from the store

The 1930s Racer-Bulldog is one of the five 1930s planes. It is also the one that takes the second longest time. It can be unlocked by completing the Main Goals/Story Goals. It costs 15 AirCash. It is the only 1930s plane that consumes cargo. It is quite uncommon but not impossible to find. It has the same returning time as the all familiar Rama-Xplore.

Stats Edit

XP: 42

Coins: 0

Time: 8 hours

Passengers: 1

Cargo: -1

Charge-Up Time: SLOW 


Type Assembly kit Deluxe assembly kit Passenger plane parts Cargo plane parts Coins Gain
Turbine 40 800 -00:40
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +3 XP
Vip seats 180 1 27 9 3600 +3 XP
Upgrade 600 2 90 30 12000


+3 XP

+3 xp