Bays are an essential unit to service passenger planes and cargo planes. There are six types of bays. Small bays, Medium bay, Large bays, Cargo bay, Medium Cargo Bay. & Large Cargo bays.

Small BayEdit


The small bay viewed from the store.

The small bay gives service to small planes. It is the first bay you will ever get. There are multiple reskins available. It is a 3x5 rectangle and it costs 490 air coins. Most bays will be replaced by the Medium Bay.

Medium BayEdit

The Medium Bay gives service to medium planes. It can also give service to small planes. It is the most common bay found as players usually sell their own bay to give space for the Medium Bay. The medium bay is a bit bigger than the small bay. It is 4x5 compared to the small bay that is 3x5. It costs 1800 (For a picture of a Medium Bay, look in the gallery below).

Large Bay Edit

The large bay gives service to large planes. Actually, it is the most expensive bay by a whopping 50,000 AirCoins. Its size is actually big and also the largest It also looks different from the rest, a large yellow circle in the middle instead of the T I shape.

Small Cargo Bay Edit

The Cargo Bay is the second bay you get. It is needed to give service to cargo planes. They are 6x3 which makes them a bit bigger than the small bays. The bay is often replaced by a Medium Cargo Bay. The bay costs 750 AirCoins. (For a picture of a Cargo Bay, look in the gallery)


The Medium Cargo bay viewed from the store.

Medium Cargo Bay Edit

The Medium Cargo Bay is the second most expensive and the second last bay you will get, costing 16.000 AirCoins and is 5x4. It gives service to Medium Cargo Planes and Small Cargo Planes.

Large Cargo Bay Edit

The large cargo bay is the most expensive cargo bay with a large cost of 75,000 AirCoins. You can only purchase this when you're Level 40 or above

Gallery Edit


The Cargo Bay viewed from the store


The Medium Bay in action with a Rama-M-Cargo on it


The Medium Bay viewed from the store