Rama xs quickie

The Rama-XS-Quickie that you need to buy.

This is the fourth Main Quest. For the one before this, to go Service Your First Plane. For the one unlocked after this, go to Send Your First Plane. You must buy a Rama-XS-Quickie from the store for 150 AirCoins to complete the quest.

Hint TextEdit

If you want to send your own flights you need to own some planes... Click the store, then click on the Rama-XS-Quickie to buy it. It will be added to your hangar.

Tasks Edit

Reward Text Edit

Well done! You just bought your first plane and reached the halfway mark of our tutorial. You need space in your hangar to buy planes. There are many types of planes in SkyRama, so be careful to check what kind of advantages and costs they offer.

Reward Edit

  • 24 Passengers
  • 100 Air Coins