The Campsite viewed from the store.

The Campsite is a landside building that costs AirCash. It collects 60 passengers every 10 minutes, is 5x3 and costs 24 AirCash. The landside building has no animation. There are three parked recreational vehicles and two umbrellas along with a forest on both sides. This makes it very unique as it is the first item on the landside building section of the store that costs AirCash. Right behind it is the Cafè which costs a bit more AirCash. It is not recommended to save up all the AirCash, as it would take 12 ranks to do so, it is better to save up for something else. But if you are using money then everything is fine.

Stats Edit

Collects 60 passengers every 10 minutes.

Passengers per minute: 6

Size: 5x3