CashCow is the most basic incoming aircraft in Skyrama.

CashCow is operated by Skyrama which means that it is the game itself that is sending this aircraft to you. This aircraft will continue to arrive at your airport every couple minutes regardless of whether you service it or not.

The benefit of servicing this aircraft is that it will continue to offer a small trickle of aircoins for servicing it. This ensures that all players will have a source, albeit a small source, of aircoins at all times. Another thing is that this plane will also save your game.



Its available to you by the game in the 'Buddy Landings List'. It's not available to buy. in the store.

Stats Edit

AirCoins: 20

Time to give service: 6hours and 30min

Times out at : ~ 17 secs

Charge-Up Time: FAST