The Classic Panorama is a limited time panorama made available in the Golden Age of Aviation event which lasted from mid September to mid October. The panorama was the cheapest thing you could buy, costing only 10 Pilot Helmets which were used as a currency back then. The Classic Panorama is supposed to make your airport look very old fashioned. The background you get is something from the late 1900s when planes started to become popular.


The Classic Panorame viewed from the Storage.

Scenery Edit

There is a Medium Tower seen next to a Small Hangar. They seem to be recolored and instead of being blue they are Brown-Greenish. There is also a Fuel Depots along with Pine Trees. There are some hills and mountains and to the right there are three rusty barns that does not represent anything from the game. To the left there is a wooden house that also does not look like anything from the game

The rest is cut off by a hill which is followed by a fence and then some flat, sqaure stones which your airport stands on.

Gallery Edit


Another view of the Panorama without the airport.


The Classic Panorama seen ingame.


The Stones that your airport sits on.