Fuel Depots are landside buildings that add passengers over time. They are influenced by decorations that modify passenger count. There are 2 types of Fuel Depots. The Medium Fuel Depot is an upgrade to the Small Fuel depot.

Small Fuel DepotEdit

Small fuel

Small Fuel Depot

For the landside building unlocked before, see Rest-Rooms. For the one unlocked after this, see Parking. For the full list see List of Landside Buildings. ---

Available : Level 1

Costs: 760 AirCoins

Size: 2x2

Passengers: 3 per 10 minutes

Passengers per minute: 0.3

Medium Fuel DepotEdit

For the Landside Building unlocked before, see Luggage Depot . For the next Landside Building, see Small Hotel.   --- 

Available: Level 8 


Medium Fuel Depot

Costs : 2530 AirCoins 

Size: 3x2

Passengers: 14 per 10 minutes

Passengers per minute: 1.4