Helipads are a type of bay that gives service to Ramacopters. Ramacopters do not require runways which means that a new player could get a helipad before getting the Ramacopter Hangar. They have a 5x5 size. It costs 19 AirCash but can be unlocked through the Main Goals. It can also be unlocked through events. But they do not look the same and usually have a theme to it. But they are also the same size. Helipad are the third service building you get and is one of the only bays that costs AirCash. It has a reskin that costs exatly the same and has the same size.

Stats Edit

Size: 5x5

Gives service to: Ramacopters

Costs: 19 AirCash

Notes Edit

The Heli Landing Pad is a reskin of the normal Helipads, there is no difference between the two.