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This is the Sixth Main Quest. For the one before this, go to Send Your First Plane. For the unlocked after this, go to Setup Your Passengers I. Instant service is similar to what the Quickservice does. But when you have quickservice is activated you can do it for free.

Hint Text Edit

Waiting for a flight to be serviced can be time-consuming and we are busy people. Why not shortcut the process? It only costs 1 Air Cash to instantly service a plane... Click on the top left icon that appears above your plane, this is the instant service shortcut.

Tasks Edit

Instant Service One Plane.

Reward Text Edit

Well done! You just instant serviced your first plane. It saves you time and gives you all your bonuses in an instant. This is especially useful with slower planes that can take much longer to service.

Reward Edit

  • 100 Air Coins
  • +1 Hangar Slots