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The main goals cover a fairly extensive workup for you airport. This list outlines all the goals as well as the individual parts/steps. Also included is the dialogue xt and reward(s) for completing each goal.

Initial Tutorial QuestsEdit

Land Your First Flight

Place Your First Bay

Service Your First Plane

Buy Your First Plane

Send Your First Plane

Instant Service Your Plane

Setup Your Passengers I

Setup Your Passengers II

Secondary Tutorial Quests Edit

Run Your Airport I

Run Your Airport II

Decorate Your Airport

South America


1930s Racer Planes


A Friendly Trun


Expand Your Airside

Turorial 2

Tutorial: Setup Your Warehouse

Run Your Airport III

On the Runway

Scale Up Your Terminal

Try Out Medium Flights

Ramacopter Hangar

The Seeking Challenge

Seaplane Hangar

First Seaplanes

A crazy plan!

Cargo deal