Medium h

The Medium Hotel viewed from the store

For the landside building unlocked before, see Medium Hotel 2. For the next one unlocked, see Multi-Storey Parking.

The Medium Hotel is one of the four hotels added in the game. The Medium Hotel has a counterpart, the Medium Hotel 2. The difference between the two is that this hotel collects more passengers (320), but takes 4 hours to be ready. The Medium Hotel costs 5000 AirCoins. Also the Medium Hotel 2 is green, when the Medium Hotel is light pink. But both are 5x4. There are 3 parked cars outside the hotel. One blue, one yellow and one red. These do not appear in the store. But appear when placing the Building down.

It's an upgrade to the Small Hotel but a downgrade to the Large Hotel.

Stats Edit

Collects 320 passengers every 4 hours

Passengers per minute: 1.33

Size: 5x4