The Mr.Smith viewed from the store

The Mr.Smith is a small plane added in the Golden Age of Aviation event, which lasted from mid September to mid October 2014. The plane costs 85 Pilot Helmets, which was used as a currency during the event. The plane is one of few planes that take up more than one passenger. The plane is very similar to the Rama-XS-Turbo.

Stats Edit

XP: 15

Coins: 62

Time: 1 hour

Passengers: 2

Cargo: -10

Charge-Up Time: MEDIUM 


Type Assembly Kit  Deluxe Assembly Kit Passenger plane parts Cargo Plane Parts Coins Gain
Turbine 30 600 -00:10
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +2 XP
VIP seats 180 1 27 18 3600 +7 Coins