Story parking

The Multi-Storey Parking viewed from the store.

For the landside building unlocked before, see Medium Hotel. For the next one unlocked, see Kite Field.

Not to be confused with Parking. The Multi-Storey Parking is a landside building, that means that collects passengers. The Multi-Storey Parking collects 100 passengers every 10 minutes. It is 6x4 and costs 5300 AirCoins. There are a total of 11 parked cars at once. Two of them seem to shift during the animation. There are two blue, two yellow, one green (goes back and forward), three red (one of them goes back and forward, one white and two orange (one is hard to spot but can be seen clearly when flipped). This is also an upgrade to Parking.

Stats Edit

Collects 100 passengers per 10 minute.

Passengers per minute: 10

Size: 6x4