A runway is a strip of ground where aeroplanes can take off and lands. There are a few types of runways in the game.

Small RunwayEdit

Skyrama building guide 009

Small Runway

Size: 3x12

Services Small Planes and Small Cargo Planes

Costs: 1200 Aircoins

Medium RunwayEdit

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Medium Runway

Size: 3x16

Services only medium and small planes

Costs: 16000 Aircoins

Changelog/Notes Edit

February 16th 2015 the Skyrama Team announced that the Medium Runways could be numbered.

The Innovative Runway is a reskin of the Medium Runway

Large Runway Edit

Services all types of planes
Large Runway

The Large Runway

Size: (Unknown)

Cost: 200,000 AirCoins

Event Runways Edit

  • Arctic Small Runway (Polorama Weeks)
  • Arctic Medium Runway (Polorama Weeks)