The SOSferatu as viewed from the store

The SOSFeratu is a small plane added in the Creepy Weeks event which lasted from late October to mid November. The plane is based off Halloween. With its very black gothic look. It is the cheapest plane. Costing 65 BatCoins which were used as a currency during the event. The plane is good for new players but very useless for high ranked players. It takes very few passengers. The lowest of any plane added in the event.

Stats Edit

XP: 24

Coins: 288

Time: 3 hours

Passengers: 4

Cargo: -2

Charge-Up Time: MEDIUM-FAST


Type Assembly Kit  Deluxe Assembly Kit Passenger Plane parts Cargo Plane Parts Coins Gain
Turbine 60 600 -00:30
Navigation system 90 18 1800 +3 XP
VIP seats 180 1 27 9 3600 +29 Coins