The Santa Glaze

The Santa Glaze (also known as the Santa Paula) is a medium cargo plane added in the Polarama Weeks event which lasted from mdi- December to early January. The plane is special in that it does not appear in the event section of the store, which may classify it as not part of the Polarama Weeks event. It is also is unique in that there is only one in stock. It costs 2512 AirCoins. It costs 340 AirCoins to fly and gives 340 cargo of your choice, along with 22 XP. It takes 1 hour to return during the Polarama Weeks event and takes 5 hours after the event is over. It's a downgrade to the Rama-M Cargo.

Rama M Cargo

Rama-M Cargo

Stats Edit

XP: 22

Coins: -340

Time: 1 hour (5 hours after the event)

Cargo: 340

Charge-Up Time: SLOW

Upgrades Edit

Type Assembly Kit  Deluxe Assembly Kit Cargo Plane Parts Seaplane parts Coins Gain
Propeller 80 12 1600 -00:50
Navigation system 240 36 4800 +3 XP
Extra Cargo Room 480 2 72 24 9600 +34 Cargo