Rama xs quickie

The Rama-XS-Quickie that you need to send.

This is the fifth Main Quest. For the one before this, go to Buy Your First Plane. For the one unlocked after this, go to Instant Service Your Plane. The game will show you how to send your first plane.

Hint Text Edit

You're ready to send off your own plane for the first time... Click on flightmap and 'send new flight', then select your plane, country, and buddy. Your plane will appear outside your hangar - keep clicking until it takes off.

Tasks Edit

Reward Text Edit

Well done! You just sent your plane on its fledgling flight, it will return in 5 minutes. Sending your own flights costs passengers but you will make Air Coins when they return.

Reward Edit

  • 100 Air Coins
  • 1 Air Cash